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HOMETOWN: Kings Mountain, N.C.
DISCOVERED: Inked a record deal after execs heard him play “Sara Smile”
FIRST NO. 1 HIT: "Do You Believe Me Now"
CURRENT ALBUM: Do You Believe Me Now


Jimmy's favorite music videos all have a common theme -- powerful visual imagery. From Dierks Bentley to Lee Ann Womack, see if your favorites are included in his playlist.

MUSIC ON Rhapsody

Get an intimate look at Jimmy's musical tastes with this list of favorite songs. The eclectic list includes bluegrass, soul, rock, pop and naturally, country. See why he picked the following tracks and listen now on Rhapsody.

"Sara Smile" -- Hall & Oates
"Its infectious, timeless, honest, soulful sound translates to my ears like that of a sweet kiss to the heart."

"Billie Jean" -- Michael Jackson
"That bass line. Must I say more?"

"Something About You" -- Level 42
"This song has one of the greatest melodies of its time."

"Chasin' That Neon Rainbow" -- Alan Jackson
"This is the theme song for anyone chasin' that dream. It was my theme song."

"Empire" -- Queensryche
"Geoff Tate's voice had a huge impact on me as a teen. This song had me hook, line and sinker."

"Always on my Mind" -- Various Artists
"Anyone could sing this song, and I'd love it because of the lyrics."

"No One in the World" -- Anita Baker
"The lyrics of this song prove that time has no effect on a great song other than making it better, like wine."

"Careless Whisper" - Wham!
"I can't imagine this song without the sax. It proves that one instrument can make or break a song."

"99 Degrees" -- Jason White
"One of the very best songwriters I've ever met in Nashville. This song is one of my favs."

"Clear the Area" -- Imogen Heap
"This is simply one of the most amazing talents I've ever seen in my life."

"Country Boy Can Survive" -- Hank Williams Jr.
"This was my favorite song as a kid growing up in the country. We were always pissed about the guy that killed his friend with a switchblade."

"Don't Close Your Eyes" -- Keith Whitley
"One of the best lyrics, melody and singers in country music history combined in four minutes and 12 seconds."

"Is This Love" -- White Snake
"The melody, lyric and singer are all in the same bed together on this track. It's just one big threesome of a great song."

"Immortality" -- Bee Gees with guest Celine Dion
"This song speaks volumes to me about choosing your love for music over your love for anything else. It hurts but it's real."

"Isn't She Lovely" -- Stevie Wonder
"In the intro of the original version of this song, Stevie allows us to hear his baby laughing and crying which allows us to see her the way he does. Then he asks, 'Isn't she lovely?'"

"Knoxville Girl" -- Bluegrass
"Can we say sick? Yeah, but for the same reason we go a watch a horror flick, we listen to songs like this."

"Lonely Too Long" -- Patty Loveless
"Holy great mother of all female singers in the country music history! I'm grumpy in the mornings, but Patty could sing to me at 6:30 a.m. Eastern time in a Pacific time zone, seven days a week."

"Love Song" -- Sara Bareilles
"So there are still great melodies being written out there."

"Amazing Grace" -- Aretha Franklin
"It is amazing how someone can sing the same words over and over, and it's different every time."