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    CMT Ringtone FAQ

    How much does it cost?
    CMT Mobile is $9.99 per month. You receive 10 credits each month to redeem on mobile content.

    I'm supposed to receive a message with a link to download my ringtone but it's not in my text message inbox. Where can I find it?
    Some devices may store these messages in the Service, Browser, Virgin Alerts (Virgin Mobile users), or T-zone (T-Mobile users) inbox.

    Do my unused ringtone or wallpaper downloads carry over to the next month?
    Unused credits do not roll over month to month. Go to to access the storefront to use any leftover credits.

    What if I have further questions?
    You can reach a live customer service agent 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday at 866-853-3880. Or you can email us at CMT Mobile at

    How do I cancel?
    To cancel your CMT Mobile plan, text STOP to 28000; you will receive a message back confirming your cancel request.

    What if my download is interrupted in process?
    CMT Mobile maintains a digital locker where your purchases are stored for you. If the download is interrupted in process or you forget to save your ringtone/wallpaper, you can simply follow the link in the text message again. You will not be charged again for this subsequent download. You can also view your full digital locker by going to on your handset and browsing to "My Locker".

    What's the difference between a "real music ringtone" and a "polyphonic ringtone"?
    A real music ringtone is a real music clip of a song by the original artist. A polyphonic ringtone is a sound-alike tune that uses tones instead of real music to simulate a song.

    Can I buy a game with subscription credits?
    Yes, games are available on certain carriers.

    Can I purchase ringtones or wallpapers without a subscription?
    Yes, you can choose to purchase content as a one-time purchase. Also, if you have run out of credits in your subscription then any additional transactions will be one-time purchases.

    How long should it take me to receive my download?
    Receipt of the text message from CMT Mobile usually takes just a handful of seconds. Depending on carrier traffic, it can take up to several minutes to receive your ringtones.

    How do I download a ringtone from a video I saw on TV?
    Send a text message to 28000 with the keyword from the video in the body of the message. Reply Y to the message that is sent back to you and then follow the instructions in the next message that you receive.

    What happens when I run out credits in my current plan?
    You can purchase additional content for the full price until your credits reset the next month.

    How am I charged or refunded?
    Subscription charges are placed on your monthly mobile phone bill. CMT Mobile can not credit your bill for purchases you've made. Customers should be advised to make sure that they were actually charged before contacting their carrier. If they are billed for something they did not order or did not successfully receive, they can contact their wireless carrier for a full credit.

    Which carriers and phones are supported?
    Support is currently provided for AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Virgin Mobile. Other carriers will be added in the near future. Phones without mobile Internet capabilities and pre-paid phones are not compatible with CMT Mobile.

    How can I find out how many credits I have left?
    Go to Your credit balance is displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

    How do I download without texting?
    Most users can dial #CMT on their mobile phone to listen and download the top tones of the week (some carriers are currently not supported, but are in the works).

    What is this password for?
    If your phone does not support cookies, or you have disabled cookies, you will need to input your CMT Mobile password when you go to on your phone.

    CMT Mobile FAQ

    Do I use voice minutes when I'm watching a clip?
    No. When watching video you do not use your voice minutes.

    What video content is available?
    We provide video content for most CMT shows, along with music video and other content from artists when available.

    How do I save a video?
    You cannot save CMT video clips.

    What is the difference between downloading and streaming?
    Streaming delivers a steady and continuous stream of data that allows the clip to be viewed as the file is being transmitted. Streaming content is not saved locally on the device and requires a data connection to be viewed. Download requires the complete file to be transmitted and saved to the device before the clip can be viewed. The file is stored locally on the device and can be accessed with or without coverage.

    Can I receive an inbound call while looking at a video?
    Yes. You will be prompted of an incoming call and will have the option to accept or ignore the call. If you take the call, the application will be suspended and will resume once the call has ended. If you ignore the call, the application will resume where it stopped prior to the call.