Start Listening to Rascal Flatts' Album

Enjoy each track from Nothing Like This including the album's first single, "Why Wait."

Rascal Flatts' Invitation Only Is Sure to Make You Smile

Enjoy their intimate performance as well as answers to fan questions. See the full show.

Get to Know the Unstoppable Trio

Take a look at November's featured Posted artist, Rascal Flatts. See tweets, videos and photos.

"Why Wait" to See Rascal Flatts Videos?

From "Why Wait," "I Melt," "These Days" and more, enjoy these fan favorite videos.

Watch Rascal Flatts Perform Live at the CMT Music Awards

See this award-winning group perform hit songs "Love You Out Loud," "Prayin' for Daylight" and more live.

Catch RF in a CMT Minute Exclusive

Superstars reveal who has the best golf game, who takes the longest to get dressed and more. Don't miss this quirky interview.

Superstars Toast Fans, "Here's to You"

These guys know how to deliver the hits. Enjoy their fun-loving tunes "Fast Cars and Freedom," "Summer Nights" and more.

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