How about … ? The CMA Searches for a Slogan

The Country Music Association is looking for an attention-getting slogan that will help make country music hip again. This process is called “branding.” What it does is take a concept or product and infuse it with such pithy and positive connotations that it seems essential to the consumer’s well-being — like “Got milk?” or “I want my MTV!”

Naturally, the CMA couldn’t use “Got Garth?” or “Got Faith?” in a market as fickle as music. Nor could it risk being both derivative and ironic by adopting the most obvious catchphrase “Country music … the other white meat.” So the search goes on.

Because it wants to make a big splash, the CMA is being extremely tight-lipped about details of the campaign. It is our understanding, though, that the following slogans have been considered. And discarded.

–We’re hot! And we’re rural!

–Country music. It’s not just for Texans anymore.

–We’re talking to Ken Burns.

–Then: Coal Miner’s Daughter … Now: Programmer’s Daughter

–Tattoos, navels and Mama.

–Country music: Sexy when appropriate.

–Hey, we get cable too.

–No fiddle. No steel. No problem.

–When it’s just you and the flashbacks, try country.

–Sex and violence? Yeah, we got that.

–Defensive and damn proud of it.

–Lee Greenwood?

Edward Morris is a veteran of country music journalism. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a frequent contributor to