BR549: Dash’s Out

Country group BR549 , formerly spelled BR5-49, officially has dropped the dash from its name. The hillbilly boogie quintet takes its name from the phone number on the sign country comedian Junior Samples held up while selling used cars on Hee Haw. "The dash is too confusing," BR549 singer/guitarist Chuck Mead told Tuesday (May 29). "Graphically, I think it looks better without the dash. It doesn’t really matter to us. The name was a joke in the first place. We never thought we’d ever go this far. … Younger people really don’t know what the name BR549 is all about. To them it’s just a series of numbers and letters." After releasing two studio albums and two live projects for Arista Records, the band signed with Sony’s Lucky Dog imprint and will release a new set, This Is BR549, on June 26. 05/29/01