Kix Brooks Goes Undercover

Concert goers at Brooks & Dunn ’s Neon Circus & Wild West Show, be advised — Kix Brooks himself has taken to wandering through the crowd in disguise. Before the duo’s Sunday (June 3) show in Virginia Beach, Va., Brooks strolled the lawn asking, "Can I share your blanket?" Turned down repeatedly, he finally found favor with two teenagers, Erica Fredericks and Ashley Hughes. He visited for a moment, then moved on, but staffers later presented the girls with prime tickets and VIP passes to meet Brooks backstage. "You never know where I’m going to go," Brooks says in a news release. "Those girls were so cool to let me join them, so when I got back to the bus I wanted to say thanks." Brooks & Dunn are scheduled to appear Friday (June 8) on the cover of USA Today’s Living section, and they will perform "There Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You" next Wednesday (June 13) on the TNN & CMT Country Weekly Music Awards. 06/06/01