Arista Newcomer Kristy Lee Links With Britney Spears Team

Forget Faith and Shania. Artista/Nashville Records has signed a 17-year-old country singer from Selma, Ore., who lists LeAnn Rimes as her main musical influence. “I was 14 when ‘Blue’ came out,” Kristy Lee told reporters at a Fan Fair press conference Sunday. (Either her memory or math is fuzzy on this point, since Rimes’ version of “Blue” hit the charts just over five years ago.) In addition to her record deal, Lee has signed a contract with Britney Spears’ new production company, and she said Spears has agreed to play a cameo role in her first music video. The young artist may also tour with Spears. Lee has met with three Nashville record producers, according to her manager, Marty Rendleman, but still has not settled on one. Rendleman was LeAnn Rimes’ manager for three years. An Arista spokesman said Lee’s first album might be out as early as next spring. 06/18/01