Yearwood Records With Mellencamp

Trisha Yearwood sings harmony on a John Mellencamp recording, “Deep Blue Heart,” due in the fall on his next album. The singers share a booking agent, and Mellencamp called Yearwood after he got wind she was covering his song “Small Town” in concert. “He played me this song,” Yearwood told, “and he said, ’I kind of have an idea of like when Emmylou Harris sang on Bob Dylan’s record, just kind of harmony all the way through.’ So, he flew me to Bloomington, [Ind.], and I sang on it. … It was really great.” Yearwood will open for Mellencamp Aug. 6 at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Mellencamp is probably best known to country fans as one of the founders of Farm Aid, along with Willie Nelson and Neil Young. 06/21/01