Farm Aid Will Urge Direct Donations to Farmers’ Markets

Farm Aid is fine-tuning its efforts to help the farmers’ markets destroyed or displaced by the World Trade Center bombings. During the concert on Saturday (Sept. 29) in Noblesville, Ind., viewers will be encouraged to donate directly to the Fund for World Trade Center Green Market Farmers. Checks should be made out to the fund and mailed to the Farmers’ Market Federation of New York, 2100 Park St., Syracuse, NY 13208. The money will help restore five farmers’ markets in lower Manhattan. “We’re just getting more specific about donating to the fund,” says Farm Aid associate director Glenda Yoder. “We are using the Farm Aid platform to urge viewers to give directly to the fund. We will be publicizing the address at the press conference and during the broadcast [on CMT].” 09/28/01