And the Crowd Goes Wild for Jeffrey Steele

People who’d heard it all seemed to hear something new in Jeffrey Steele’s private performance for Music Row insiders Wednesday (Oct. 3) at Nashville’s BMI headquarters. Propelled by a dazzling band of studio musicians and backup singers, Steele demonstrated again and again why he is shaping up as one of country music’s most magnetic singer-songwriters. Except for “I’m Tryin’,” one of his songs that is now a single for Trace Adkins, Steele’s too-short set consisted of selections from his forthcoming album, Somethin’ in the Water, on Monument Records. While Steele rocked out mightily as a performer, it was the emotional depth and lyrical inventiveness of his songs that really held the crowd’s attention — all the way through his closing (and prophetic) number, “And the Crowd Goes Wild.” Steele was formerly with the group Boy Howdy and later a solo artist for Curb Records. Somethin’ in the Water, whose title cut is Steele’s current single, will be out Oct. 30. 10/04/01