Waylon Loses Foot to Diabetes

Waylon Jennings underwent surgery Dec. 19 in Phoenix to amputate his left foot, a spokeswoman announced Friday. Jennings, 64, continues to recuperate in a Phoenix hospital and could go home as early as next week. Infection in the foot, caused by diabetes, made the surgery necessary said his wife, country singer Jessi Colter. Jennings, who lives now in Phoenix, hopes to resume touring in the spring. In recent months he was seen in public in a wheel chair and using a walker. “I spent two years stumbling and now I can walk!” he said in a news release. When his son, Shooter, visited Jennings in the hospital, he found the famous country singer in his bed but wearing Armani sunglasses. Wishes for a speedy recovery can be sent to Jennings at 1117 17th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212. 01/05/02