Wilkinsons Near Completion of New Album

The Wilkinsons are “about 70 percent of the way through” recording their first album for BNA Records, a label in the RCA Label Group, says papa Steve Wilkinson. The family trio is scheduled to be in the studio Thursday and Friday (Jan. 10-11) to lay down tracks for what they hope will be the last four songs on the album. After two releases for defunct Giant Records, “We’re absolutely tickled to be doing it,” says Wilkinson of the new project. Siblings Amanda and Tyler Wilkinson are about to turn 20 and 18, respectively. “Because of that, the lyric content and what we’re doing this time around tends to be a little bit more mature,” Steve promises, “age appropriate for people in their early 20s and late teens.” No date has been set for release. Steve also says, “It won’t be quite as slick as the second one was.” 01/08/02