Strait Announces Dates for 2003 Team Roping Classic

George Strait will host his Team Roping Classic March 14- 15, 2003, at the Rose Palace in San Antonio, Texas. A record-breaking 562 teams competed in the 20th annual event this year, with $300,000 in cash and prizes awarded. “I don’t know that 20 years ago we really had an idea of what this could become,” said Strait, who started the Classic in Kingsville, Texas. “We knew we wanted to make it a special roping, and we thought we could do that. We had a Texas-resident roping back then, and after two or three years, we opened it up to the world, and that really made a difference. As we went along, it became more and more clear just how big we could grow this thing. Every year, we’ve tried to get bigger and better.” 05/08/02