Socialites, Sailors Celebrate Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & Dunn kept company with socialites and sailors during a Saturday night (May 25) stop in New York City. Early in the evening, the duo played Central Park at an invitation-only retirement party for the CEO of The Hearst Corporation, sharing the bill with the New York Symphony Orchestra. Following the performance, Brooks & Dunn hit the Manhattan dive bar Hogs & Heifers, crowding in with dozens of Navy sailors docked in the city for Fleet Week. “The naval personnel started whooping when they saw us,” Dunn says. “Somebody threw ‘Only in America’ on the jukebox, and the whole place just about lifted off. To see that kind of spirit and passion from the people who are charged with fighting for our country. … It makes you feel incredible to be an American. It also makes you wanna buy ‘em a lot of shots of tequila, which we did some, and stay up all night partying with those guys and girls who are laying it all out on the line for us and our way of life.” 05/28/02