Strait’s Belt Buckle Goes Into Space

Permitted to carry something into space that best represents America, Lt. Col. Paul Lockhart is packing an autographed George Strait belt buckle. Lockhart, a 46-year-old Texan, contacted Strait when he found out he’d be piloting the Endeavour space shuttle to the International Space Station. The country superstar responded with one of his Gist silver and gold belt buckles decorated with Strait’s name and the outline of a roping team. Lockhart, who is taking his first trip into space, also received a Latest Greatest Straitest CD from the humbled singer, who autographed it with “May God bless you on this incredible journey. See you when you get back. Your friend, George Strait.” A white 100X Resistol hat – signed “For Lt. Col. Paul Lockhart, I put the special space ship crease on this one! Have a great trip.” – won’t go along with the shuttle, due to pressurization of the cabin. The Endeavour was scheduled to launch Thursday (May 30), but may be delayed due to thunderstorms, reports. 05/30/02