Promoter Ordered to Return Tape to Haggard

A missing cassette tape containing new studio recordings by Merle Haggard must be returned to him, a judge ruled Wednesday (May 29) in a pre-trial hearing in Fredericksburg, Texas. Haggard alleges in a lawsuit that a Central Texas concert promoter, Kathy Schroeder, swiped the tape from his bus in October 2001 after Haggard was too sick to perform. The recordings later appeared for sale on eBay. Schroeder did return a cassette to Haggard, but not the tape in question, according to Haggard’s witnesses. The missing tape features Haggard’s versions of songs by Nat “King” Cole, Hoagy Carmichael and others. Haggard told the San Antonio Express-News, “The reason I am pursuing it is because this is obviously the nightmare we all fear. I had to defend myself. What’s on the tape is a rough mix of an ongoing project. It’s like she kidnapped my children.” 05/31/02