Cagleheads Survive Annual Gathering

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A gaggle of Chris Cagle ’s faithful followers -– who call themselves Cagleheads — flocked to the Franklin (Tenn.) Marriott Wednesday (June 12) for the singer’s official fan club party.

The décor of the banquet room followed the theme of the Survivor television show, with banners displayed around the room that borrowed the style of the Survivor logo and read “I Survived the International Chris Cagle Fan Club Party.”

“You once said you have no idea what you did to deserve the Cagleheads,” Jen Bowerize, Cagle’s first official fan club member, told him on stage. “Well, I think we don’t know what we did to deserve such a special man and his music in our lives.”

As Cagle’s first fan, Bowerize has seen the Texan perform more than 50 times. She tearfully read a letter she wrote for the occasion. “When I was first introduced to you and your music, I was kind of in a bad place, emotionally,” she said. “I had just broken up with my fiancé, and I just couldn’t get over it. I just kind of shut myself off from relationships and men.”

Bowerize credited Cagle and his wife, Elizabeth, who watched from the crowd, with restoring her faith in finding someone special. She told that reading the letter at the fan club party was the “most important moment of my life, probably.”

On behalf of the fan club, Bowerize presented Cagle with a poster-size card comprising individual snapshots of Cagle and his fans and various Cagle stage shots. The singer also received a monogrammed suitcase that he needed desperately. “It’s funny, because the one that I bought the week before I started my radio tour has already got metal poking out of it, and it’s ripping apart.”

With tears flowing and his voice cracking, Cagle thanked his fans for their support. Several of his devotees gathered around the bottom of the stage to take more pictures and listen intently.

“Never, never … could I ever have imagined a mass of people dedicated to something that I love and loving it as much as I do,” he said. “I am so absolutely humbled by the awesomeness of this [devotion].

Just a few hours after his fan club party on Wednesday, Cagle picked up his first-ever country music award, the fan-voted Flameworthy breakthrough video of the year for “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out.”