Fan Fair With Darryl Worley

How many appearances can one artist squeeze into Fan Fair’s four-day swirl? A lot, if you’re Darryl Worley. Riding the crest of his red-hot single and video, “I Miss My Friend,” Worley seemed to be everywhere, trying to keep happy his fans and country radio stations alike. His packed schedule included attending the CMT Flameworthy Video Music Awards, a taping session for America Online, several radio-related obligations, three stints signing autographs at convention center booths, an archery tournament, his fan club breakfast, two Grand Ole Opry appearances and a spot on his record company’s Sunday afternoon showcase. Next week, Worley might want to think about scheduling a little R & R. asked Worley if we could tag along this week. And while we weren’t able to keep up with him throughout his entire schedule, we did get a chance to check in with Hurricane Darryl several times as he blew through Fan Fair 2002.

Day 1 Flipboook: Fan Fair booth and inaugural Fan Fair archery shoot-out

Day 2 Flipbook: Fan club breakfast