L.A. Station Embraces Flatlanders

Radio station KZLA-FM in Los Angeles played the Flatlanders’ “Waving My Heart Goodbye” once an hour from 7 a.m. to midnight Wednesday (July 10) in response to a challenge issued by radio personality Don Imus. On CNN’s Larry King Live June 29, Imus promised to donate $10,000 to charity if a radio station in a Top 10 market would play a song from the Flatlanders’ new album, Now Again, enough times to place it in the station’s Top 10 ranking. KZLA also conducted an online poll in which 52 percent of 61,000 respondents asked the station to keep playing the music. The station will play the Flatlanders for the rest of the week, then decide on further airplay based on listener feedback. 07/11/02