Tritt Increases Security Following Threat

Heightened security continues to surround Travis Tritt while federal authorities investigate whether he was targeted for a contract killing. Tritt’s name surfaced last week after Marvin Droznek — a Nashville man who was previously under the federal witness protection program — alleged that another Nashville resident, Parley Drew Hardman, wanted to arrange to have the singer killed. Droznek was recently arrested after arranging to buy approximately 11 pounds of cocaine from undercover police officers. Droznek also allegedly asked a police informant to travel to Detroit to break the legs of Hardman’s ex-wife. Officials in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Nashville say that Hardman wanted Tritt killed because of “some type of disagreement.” Tritt, who performed Sunday night (Sept. 29) during a CMT Most Wanted Live concert special, says, “Needless to say I was shocked to hear I was a target especially when I have no idea who these people are. My family and I are concerned and are taking this potential threat seriously. Earlier in the week, law enforcement notified us as soon as the suspects were apprehended and told us what they had learned.” Tritt acknowledges that he has taken extra precautions because of the news, but adds, “I appreciate everyone’s concern but I have the utmost confidence in our court system as well as the members of law enforcement.” 09/30/02