Trace Adkins Injured in Farm Accident

Trace Adkins is being treated at a Nashville-area hospital following a Tuesday night (Oct. 8) accident on his farm in Rutherford County, Tenn. Adkins was building a gravel road when the small tractor he was operating toppled on him after a portion of the new road collapsed. Trapped beneath the tractor, Adkins called for help after retrieving a cell phone from the pocket of his overalls.

“Trace sustained a crush injury to his chest and a rib-sternum separation,” Dr. Craig Farrell, the attending physician, said Wednesday (Oct. 9). “He also has bruises to his shoulder and pelvis. He is alert and stable but still under observation to rule out an associated cardiac contusion.”

The accident has forced Adkins to cancel weekend concerts in San Antonio and Fort Worth, as well as an appearance on the Good Day Dallas television show.

Adkins has some familiarity with hospital emergency rooms, having survived several serious injuries. The list includes a bullet through the heart and lungs (after being shot by his ex-wife), a nose reattachment following a car accident and a severed fingertip while working on an oil drilling rig.