Paisley Finishing Follow-Up Video

After winning the CMA video award for “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song),” Brad Paisley told reporters backstage that he’s finishing up a new clip for the single, “I Wish You’d Stay.” Paisley said, “I hope people get it. It’s a little deeper and it incorporates some folks’ home video footage. I had some things happen in my life and some other folks’ lives and they had all of it on tape. I looked at it and it [represented] the gist of the song. I’ve got some wedding footage of a friend of mine, and some other stuff. My keyboard player’s son actually nursed a baby bird back to health and had to let it go. You can imagine he didn’t want to let it go at all. I thought, ’That’s exactly what the major point of the song is.’ So we took that actual footage and we’re still editing, because it’s been a tough one to make it come off right, because you can imagine some of that footage isn’t perfect.” Paisley also told recently that he’s directing the video as well. 11/7/02