Trace Adkins Returns Following Overseas Tour

Trace Adkins is back home in Tennessee following a Thanksgiving trip to perform three USO concerts for American troops serving in the Persian Gulf. The tour included shows on an aircraft carrier, a military base in Bahrain and a small island off the coast of Saudi Arabia. “I was so impressed by the character and integrity of all our soldiers over there,” Adkins says. “They were so young, but each was well trained and seemed 100 percent committed to the cause.” Other highlights of Adkins’ trip included a tour of an attack submarine, a visit to a U.S. Navy base and a special lunch with the troops and their commanding officers. “Landing on and taking off of the aircraft carrier was quite a trip,” Adkins explains. “In fact, the entire trip was just one incredible and remarkable experience. There were so many things to see and do that it was practically memory overload. I kept a journal of each day’s activities because I didn’t want to forget a thing.” 12/5/02