Womack Sets the Mood for Holiday Romance

Inspired by the lush, orchestrated Christmas albums of her childhood, Lee Ann Womack ’s holiday album A Season for Romance simmers like a cup of hot cocoa. She revisits “Silent Night” and “The Christmas Song” and unveils a sack full of new songs such as “Forever Christmas Eve,” “The Man With the Bag” and “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.”

Womack appears on CMT Most Wanted Live’s “12 Days of Christmas” on Dec. 20, crooning “The Season for Romance.” She recently chatted with CMT.com about the holiday album, her plans for the holidays and her Christmas wish for her fans.

CMT: Why did you want to make a Christmas album that had a big band sound?
LAW: I just love that kind of music, and to me, it really works for Christmas. I think a lot of people associate that kind of music with Christmas. That’s just the way I heard Christmas music in my head.

CMT: Your album is called The Season for Romance. What is it about Christmas that you find romantic?
LAW: I just think all the lights, and fire in the fireplace, and being with the people you love seems to have a romantic feel to it.

CMT: You’ve had some good luck with your collaborations, including Harry Connick Jr. on this album. Have you ever thought about who you’d like to do a CMT Crossroads with?
LAW: (giggles) I’ve thought about it. I’d love to do something with somebody like Harry or Tony Bennett or somebody like that.

CMT: What was it like in the studio when you made this record?
LAW: I was sick, for one thing. We were in L.A., and my allergies get really bad when I go out there. That was kind of disappointing, but it took me a long time to finish it or a lot longer than it should have. Again, I just love that kind of music, and the guys that played on it were so good, and it was so different from anything I’d ever done, that it was really exciting and a lot of fun. Recording, for me, is always fun, but if you do something a little different, then it just makes it extra special.

CMT: What was your favorite part about doing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?
LAW: The end. (laughs) It was sooo cold. It’s great to get to be a part of something like that and to say that you’ve done it, but I think the best way to watch that parade is definitely in front of your fireplace at home.

CMT: I didn’t see it — what was your involvement with it?
LAW: I was just on the Hallmark float and sang a little of “The Season for Romance.” They put me right at the very end of the parade, right before Santa Claus, so it was like a three-hour ordeal in 20-degree weather.

CMT: So you had to wave the whole time and sing at the end?
LAW: Yes, exactly.

CMT: What are your plans for Christmas this year?
LAW: I’d like to go on a vacation with all my family — parents, sisters, nieces and nephews and that sort of thing. We’re trying to work that out right now. They’re all in Texas, and I don’t get to go there enough, and I’d like to see [daughter] Anna ski for the first time this year. I think she’s right at the right age, so maybe we can all go on a skiing trip.

CMT: Do you like to ski?
LAW: I like it, but I don’t do it anymore because I’m afraid I’ll fall and break my leg. I saw Reba a few years ago — she had broken her leg skiing and had to go out on stage and work like that. I kind of learned a lesson through her. I think I’ll just sit and drink hot chocolate and watch the kids.

CMT: Any New Year’s resolutions for you?
LAW: Hmmm … let’s see. I guess I don’t always make a statement or anything about my New Year’s resolution, but I’m always looking to get in better shape and that sort of thing. My two that I always have are get in better shape and get better organized around my house and my office. I’m sure I’ll just stick with the two that I always do and never follow up on. (laughs)

CMT: You never make any progress on either one of those?
LAW: (laugh) Yes, I actually do. The older I get, the better I get at both those things — I guess at everything — at being more disciplined, self-disciplined.

CMT: Are you singing somewhere for New Year’s this year?
LAW: Nope, I’m not.

CMT: Staying home, or do have any big plans for a New Year’s party?
LAW: We might have a New Year’s party around the house, but I haven’t decided yet.

CMT: Is it hard to find a baby sitter?
LAW: (laughs) We have a lot of good baby sitters we can call on. We don’t do it very often because I have to work so much. I have to be gone for work so much that I hate to be gone for fun.

CMT: What are your tour plans for next year?
LAW: I haven’t decided yet exactly what I’m going to do for touring next year. We’ll be out there doing a lot of the fairs and festivals and things that we did last year. It’s just too early to say exactly what we’re going to do for next year, though.

CMT: Anything you want to talk to your fans about on the site?
LAW: I hope they have a wonderful, wonderful, very safe and happy holiday. It’s my favorite time of year, and I certainly think about them a lot during that time of year because I think about the events over the year and the tour and all that sort of thing. I’ll be thinking about them, and I hope they have a happy holiday.