Gill and Allan Serenade Radio Programmers

Vince Gill and Gary Allan don’t perform many lunchtime concerts these days, but the MCA labelmates made an exception Thursday (Feb. 20) at the Country Radio Seminar in downtown Nashville. While country radio disc jockeys and programmers chowed down on food from the buffet line, Allan and Gill provided abbreviated versions of their live shows. Allan introduced new songs while reminding the radio decision-makers of his contributions with hits such as his latest, “Man to Man.” Gill emphasized songs from his new album, Next Big Thing, while hitting all the high notes and showcasing his prowess as a guitarist. In introducing “Young Man’s Town,” Gill talked about the general expectations of an artist’s career longevity, noting that he’d gotten two pieces of great advice. “Waylon Jennings once told me two words,” Gill joked. “I wish I could tell you what they were.” The other advice, he said, was, “Gracious on the way up, gracious on the way down.” However, Gill was quick to emphasize that he had no plans for going away anytime soon. Before leaving the stage, Gill said, “If I could ask anything of you guys. … Just invest in the songs, and they won’t let you down.” View Flipbook. 02/20/03