Grammy Gripes From Toby Keith

During an interview at Country Radio Seminar on Friday (Feb. 21) in Nashville, Toby Keith complained about the nominations process of the industry-voted Grammy awards. Throughout his career, Keith has been nominated only once, for a 1997 duet with pop star Sting. Keith said. “If Sting farts, he’s nominated. So, here’s a guy with 600 nominations, and all of a sudden I do a duet with him on a sucky song. … That’s the only time in my whole career I ever compromised because my label said it would be successful. … The whole reason behind [the nomination] was because Sting was on it. It wasn’t that we went and did some spectacular music. … And this is no disrespect to the people who are nominated. More power to them. There are some things you’ve got to do to be Grammy friendly, and I’m not.” 02/24/03