Rosanne Cash Joins Anti-War Group

Rosanne Cash recently added her name to the list of artists openly protesting the potential war with Iraq. Explaining her decision to join the anti-war group Musicians United to Win Without War, Cash tells, “I understand why people are resentful when celebrities get on a political soapbox. I’m not an expert on foreign policy. It’s probably annoying to some people that I stand up and say this. At the same time, I still live in a democracy. I still have the right to say what I believe. … What good are you if you don’t stand up and say what you believe in? I don’t think my opinion carries more weight than a doctor or a plumber or anyone else, but I have as much right to say it. And I do think this war is wrong.” Other members of Musicians United to Win Without War include Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams and O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack producer T Bone Burnett. 03/07/03