20 Questions With Deana Carter

Deana Carter tasted success the first time with “Strawberry Wine” which won the Country Music Association’s single of the year in 1997. After dabbling in acting and screenwriting, the Tennessee native returns with a sparkling new album, I’m Just a Girl. She’ll shine on MWL Star on Monday (March 17), as well as an episode of CMT Inside Fame on Saturday (March 22). Her revealing video for “There’s No Limit” is now in rotation on CMT.

1. After seeing the video for “There’s No Limit,” I have to ask you, have you been training with weights? Your legs are in great condition, as well as the rest of you.

Thank you so much. That makes me feel like a million dollars. I have been marathon training so I have been running a lot … up to 15 miles; that’s the most I’ve run. So thank you for asking.

2. Where can I get underwear like you wear in the video for “There’s No Limit”? They kind of look like men’s briefs, but you sure don’t look like a man in them.

Those are Calvin Klein boxer briefs and they came from Nordstrom’s. So I’m sure you could go online at Calvin Klein and check them out!

3. Every time I hear “Strawberry Wine,” my heart fills with the idea that this is a true story song. My first love over 22 years ago recently came back to me, and it has been unreal. Having history with someone really makes the kisses sweet! So, my question is, do you know if this song is based on a true love story?

My friend Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison wrote the song “Strawberry Wine,” and she talked about it being a reference to one of her boyfriends and a farm in Missouri somewhere. So I would say “yes” it is based on a true story, and it definitely hit my heartstrings and my first love too.

4. I loved your video and song “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” Can you tell us about one of your worst dating experiences that made you ask yourself that exact question?

Let’s see, I actually wrote “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” referring to an old boyfriend that was 10 years older than me, and he couldn’t hold down a decent job, and I was paying all the bills and working myself into an oblivion but wasn’t being appreciated for it.

5. What video did you most enjoy filming?

I love filming every video! It’s one of the favorite things I do in this business, so every single one has been a treat … especially the make-out scene with Troy in “There’s No Limit.”

6. Are you living in Nashville again, or are you still in L.A.?

I’m still in L.A. and I’m loving L.A. I miss Nashville and I still love to visit there.

7. I heard you’re making a movie later on this year. Is it true and what is it about? And who else is in it?

Yes, it’s true. I plan on filming Shadow Boxer in the fall. It’s written by Patty Davis. It’s about a female boxer whose father and brother are boxers, and they aren’t too crazy about her being a boxer. James Keach is set to direct and Stacy Keach is starring as the father. I’m not sure about the other actors. We’re still putting it all together.

8. Now that you’re doing some acting, which actors or actresses would you particularly like to worth with?

I’d love to be on Will & Grace or Sex in the City. I’d like to work with anybody for the experience.

9. My name is Deana also, and I am wondering before you were famous, how many times did people mispronounce your name? I get called Deanna all the time.

Hello, Deana! It happens to me all the time!

10. Why did it take so long to make another album?

Because I was going through a divorce and I ended my relationship with Capitol and signed with Arista and moved to L.A. Those three things … each one took about a year.

11. Are you going to be touring a lot this year? I hope so!

Yes, I’m touring this year with Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban on the Margaritas ’n’ Senoritas tour … April through early August and I’m excited about it.

12. Are you still performing with no shoes and what started that tradition?

I’m back in shoes (OK, sometimes). I used to not wear shoes because I was nervous before going on stage … at first it was just more comfortable and then it caught on.

13. What type of music did you listen to when you were growing up, and how did it affect your singing now?

I’m a rock ’n’ roller at heart. I love classic rock ’n’ roll and 70’s rock ’n’ roll. So mainly rock ’n’ roll growing up is what I liked. How it influenced me now … I incorporate a lot of those sounds into my producing when I’m in the studio.

14. If we could go through your music collection today, what artists would we see?

It’s actually a great mix: The Who, Beatles, Sting, Alan Jackson , Diana Krall, Motown classics …

15. What is more important for you as an artist: Staying traditional country or being true to your creative instincts? You are so much on the cutting edge of songwriting, and vocally you have a new, fresh, yet ’traditional’ sound. How do you find the balance?

A very good question. I don’t feel like I’ve ever been traditional country, but I am Southern and I am from Nashville, so when I sing, it probably comes out sounding that way. So it gives me a lot of freedom creatively in the studio and production and everything to stretch and to apply my rock ’n’ roll roots and country together. It’s a neat combination and I’m comfortable with that.

16. How do you deal with people are rude to you in the music business?

Forgiveness … that’s the best way to deal with life.

17. When you were going through the tough times in your career, did you ever think about giving up?

Sometimes you might feel like you are beating your head against the wall. Just like in any career, but maybe a little worse. We’re affected by trends. I have faith in myself and my spirit and my vision for myself, so I just keep trying to replace those spokes in the wheel and challenge myself to do a better job all the time.

18. My friend and I love your hair! How do you get it to look so good? You always look so good in all your videos!

Thank you very much. I get my hair done at a place called The Parlor in L.A. on 3rd Street. … They do a great job.

19. Who’s the cutest guy you’ve ever worked with?

Cledus T. Judd !

20. I know you used to be a cheerleader. Are there any cheers that you can still remember to this day?

Yes, there are cheers I can remember to this day. In the privacy of my own
home, I do them.