Chicks Will Remain Quiet on Controversy

The Dixie Chicks have apparently said all they have to say about a controversy that began at a March 10 concert in London. During the show, lead vocalist Natalie Maines told the crowd that the group is ashamed that President Bush is from their home state of Texas. Many country radio stations responded by dropping the Chicks from their playlists. And although Maines later issued a written statement apologizing for her remark, some radio programmers have demanded a public apology. Noting that Maines has already issued “two strongly worded statements,” Dixie Chicks’ manager Simon Renshaw told Radio & Records, “Right now, I don’t think Natalie can win. If she goes on microphone [and apologizes], they’ll say she doesn’t sound contrite enough. I really apologize for having to use publicists. The next time, we’ll use pigeon post or some other medium people find acceptable.” 03/25/03