Bill Anderson Charged With Assault

Grand Ole Opry star Bill Anderson is free on $1,500 bond after being charged with aggravated assault following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Deborah Marlin. According to court documents filed in Wilson County, Tenn., on Tuesday (March 25), Anderson, 65, and Marlin, 40, were in the garage of their Nashville-area home when they began arguing over money. Marlin alleges that Anderson attempted to run over her with his vehicle. Anderson reportedly had the door open when he put the vehicle in gear. When the vehicle moved, Marlin claims she was knocked down by the door. As she fell, she claims that she grabbed Anderson’s glasses to break her fall. When she regained her footing, she says, Anderson shoved her and scratched her hand in attempt to leave. In a written statement, Anderson said, “I have evolved as the victim of unjustified domestic violence charges against me that are wrong and personally very harmful. Once this matter is heard by the court, I feel there will be a very positive outcome. I remain grateful to those who truly know me … and know better.” Anderson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. 03/26/03