Tony Brown Condition Upgraded

Music industry executive Tony Brown is being transferred from Nashville’s Centennial Medical Center to the medical complex’s rehabilitation center where he is listed in good condition. Brown’s physician, Dr. Paul McCombs, noted, “Tony is doing extremely well at present. He is alert and communicating clearly. His progress to date indicates that he will make a full, functional recovery.” The veteran record producer and label chief is recuperating from a head injury he sustained in Los Angeles on April 11. Brown is one of the principle partners at Universal South Records. In a written statement, his wife, Anastasia, said, “Watching this miracle happen before my eyes has further strengthened my faith in God and our friends. Who would have thought that Tony would be talking business from a hospital bed — with [Universal South executives] Tim DuBois and Van Fletcher — just three weeks after such a serious accident. I can also assure you that Tony’s sense of humor remains intact. He’s been making us all belly laugh around here.” 05/07/03