McGraw Salutes Colorado Troops

Tim McGraw missed the ACM Awards to perform a May 21 concert for the troops at Fort Carson, Colo. At a press conference, McGraw said, “We’re gypsies. We’re always on the road, leaving our families. We can sympathize with the guys who have to go and protect us. Whether you believe in the mission or not, these guys go over there and put their lives on the line. Country music has always supported the military. All music has. It’s a thread of our lives, a thread of Americana. Country music, like rock ’n’ roll, like bluegrass, like the blues, is American music. Nothing’s more American than camouflage and country music.” More than 20,000 concert tickets were given to the troops and their families. Faith Hill and the couple’s children also attended the show. McGraw’s tour concludes on Sunday (May 25) in Greenville, S.C. 05/23/03