U.S. Ambassador Disputes Chick’s Comment

The U.S. ambassador to Great Britain and Northern Ireland has disputed a statement made by Dixie Chick Martie Maguire in the May 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The extensive interview with the band centered around the controversy that began in March after lead vocalist Natalie Maines told a London concert audience she was ashamed that President Bush is from their home state of Texas. In the EW interview, Maguire said, “After the show, we went to a party, and the American ambassador to Britain, who had been at the concert, was there. He didn’t say anything and he wanted a picture with us, so he must not have been offended.” In a letter to the editor published in EW’s May 30 issue, Ambassador William S. Farish wrote, “Your recent cover story on the Dixie Chicks suggested that I ‘must not have been offended’ by the comment about President Bush at a London concert. This is simply untrue. I considered the remark to be inappropriate and offensive, and I stated my views — directly and clearly — to Natalie Maines immediately after the concert.”