Lonestar Celebrates No. 1 Streak

Songwriter Chris Lindsey Makes the Band "Smile" Again

During a party yesterday at Nashville’s BMI building, the men of Lonestar celebrated yet another milestone in their quickly growing list of accomplishments. “Smile,” the second single from the multi-platinum Lonely Grill album, hit No. 1 on Billboard’s country singles chart the same week that “Amazed” held the top spot on the Hot 100 pop singles chart.

“This situation has never happened before in the Soundscan era,” BMI’s David Preston told a packed crowd.

Songwriter Chris Lindsey, who wrote “Smile” with Keith Follese, also penned “Amazed” with Aimee Mayo and Marv Green. The writers joined Lonestar to mark the success of both songs, which frontman Richie McDonald attributes to good old-fashioned emotion.
“’Smile’ was a very passionate song, and our toughest decision was what to follow ’Amazed’ with,” McDonald told country.com. “Looking back, ’Smile’ was the right choice. It touched a lot of people’s hearts out there, and let’s face it, not every situation is all roses. It’s a song about letting go and finding a good way to let go.”

Lonely Grill is now approaching triple platinum sales, and Lonestar was recently recognized with two Academy of Country Music and three TNN Music Award nominations. The band will soon expand its reach to an international audience with the release of “Amazed” next week in England.

“We’re leaving Monday to go over there,” keyboardist Dean Sams said. “We’re going to be over there supporting the record and meeting radio folks for the first time. We’ll be doing a lot of TV and generally getting our name out there and putting a face with the song.”

The trip will be the band’s first time abroad, and the guys have planned a little sightseeing.

“The furthest we’ve ever been outside the United States is Canada, so this is a brand new experience for us,” McDonald explained. “We really don’t know what to expect going over there. We’ve watched a lot of (National Lampoon’s) European Vacation, so Chevy Chase has taught us a lot. We’ve watched a lot of Monty Python, too.”

While the band is promoting its music abroad, BNA Records will release the uptempo “What About Now” as the next single to country radio.