Yoakam’s Recording Plans

LOS ANGELES — Dwight Yoakam, whose most recent release is a greatest hits album, is ready to get on with a new project. He’ll go into the studio in April or May with Pete Anderson producing again.

“It’s pieces of things I started writing over the last year, year and a half and some things I began in ’97 for the A Long Way Home album,” Yoakam said Tuesday following the annual Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards, presented at the Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles. Yoakam was named best male country guitarist.

Yoakam also made reference to an upcoming acoustic album, inspired by fan response to a segment of his concert shows in which he performs with only his acoustic guitar as accompaniment.

“Pete and I went into the studio in late fall and cut 27 sides that way. It’s eminent that it gets in the hands of fans.”

But he’s not sure — or he wasn’t saying — exactly how the record will find its way to the public. The disc may not even appear on Reprise, the label that normally releases his recordings. Warner-Reprise executive Bob Merlis did not have details on the set.

“It’s coming out … there may be some tracks hitting the Internet,” Yoakam said. “We’re just going to have some fun with it, get the music in the hands of the people through a couple of different sources.”

Kim Richey was named best country guitarist, female, and Lyle Lovett was best acoustic guitarist, male. Comedian Bill Engvall hosted the midday ceremony.