Vince Gill Completes 11th Annual Golf Tournament

Vince Gill wrapped up his 11th annual Vinny Pro-Celebrity Invitational golf tournament Tuesday (June 24) at the Golf Club of Tennessee near Nashville. In its first decade, the tournament generated $2.8 million for junior golf programs in Tennessee. Gill tells CMT News, “I love this game obviously. … But the bottom line is a lot of kids across the state of Tennessee are going to at least get the opportunity to experience the game of golf — whether they like it or don’t like it, or stay with it or don’t stay with it. I’ve always felt like if you give a kid the chance to make a good decision and he has a good decision at his disposal to make, he’ll make it.” Regarding his own game during the two-day tournament, Gill says, “I’ve been playing pretty well for a singer. That’s the way I have to look at it, you know.” 06/24/03