Lawrence Convicted

It’s been just over five months since singer Tracy Lawrence’s estranged wife alleged that he struck her several times following a Las Vegas area performance. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Lawrence was convicted on Tuesday, January 28th, on a misdemeanor battery charge. After a three-hour trial in the Goodsprings Justice Court, the 30-year-old entertainer was fined $500, but was not ordered to undergo any type of counseling. While in the process of divorce, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Stacie Lawrence has filed a Texas civil lawsuit that involves a similar incident at a nearby Primm hotel. “As I stated in court before the Honorable Janet C. Smith, I did not beat my wife,” Lawrence later stated. “There was a heated verbal argument during which a scruffle took place and I pushed her.” Lawrence further explained, “I believe Her Honor ruled fairly after hearing both sides and if the allegations had been true, there is no doubt in my mind, Her Honor would have punished me accordingly. I have faced the allegations against me, stated the truth in court, and have been judged accordingly. Now, I am able to move forward with my life. This has all been very painful and, by my choice, I will seek counseling for my own health and well-being.”