The Power OF Cledus T.

Why sure, there are perhaps some country entertainers who feel they carry enough weight around the record company to occasionally call a few shots, or perhaps even hold back on releasing their new album until their own demands are met. Country comedian Cledus T. Judd feels that he’s carrying enough of that weight. What a fabulous publicity stunt! Sure enough, Judd has threatened to delay the release of his new Did I Shave My Back For This album until he settles grumbles between him and his record label, Razor & Tie. Judd even sent out a press release explaining his threatening decision. “I’ve did everything except leg-wrestle the receptionist to make them people at Razor & Tie realize that I don’t like the title of my new album. It ain’t dignified. It ain’t pretty. And it sure don’t let you know that without my record sales, everybody over there would be riding their thumbs instead of Land Rovers to work,” he states. “I want to call my album Fourteens, because I aim for it to be twice gooder than Garth’s Sevens. My public don’t expect nothing less from me.”