Clark Video Sends A Message

Singer Terri Clark’s latest video for her song “Everytime I Cry” sends out a message about various forms of abuse. For Clark, it’s about sending the message out to the victims. “When I’m on the road, people are constantly coming up to me and telling me how much they love the videos,” says Terri. “That made me realize how impacting they are and how many people they reach, so I thought, `The lyrics of this song could relate to abusive situations, so why not use the video to make a difference and maybe help somebody out of a bad situation’.” The video spotlights three types of abuse: physical, verbal and mental — using actors from different cultures and backgrounds. “I think probably everybody knows somebody who is, or who has been, a victim and we can all relate to feeling powerless in a situation with another human being, where we just feel whipped.” Terri puts her money where her mouth is, having recently done a concert in her native Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, with most of the proceeds going to the local Woman’s Shelter, which had been extensively damaged by fire. “Everytime I Cry” includes the 800 number of the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE. “I want to help broaden the awareness of the fact that there’s help out there, that people aren’t alone in that situation.”