Hank Jr. Shares His Personal Trials With CMT

Hank Williams Jr. revealed to CMT Showcase that he went through a dark period in his 20s, similar to his father’s self-destructive lifestyle. “I started seeing a psychiatrist in Nashville because I had torn up some houses and cars,” Williams said. “[The psychiatrist] said, ’You’ve been taught to basically be a reincarnation of Hank Williams. You’ve got him beat. You’ll be dead at age 26.’ He was the only one that had the guts in that town at that time to say those words. I’m not very compassionate to someone who’s really hurting or in bad shape. I’ve got a pretty hard stone wall built to never go back to that other side again. I am one of those lucky few that was at that point and made it over.” Hank Jr. shares his life story on CMT Showcase June 1 at 8 p.m. ET.