Loveless Tours Hall of Fame

Patty Loveless recently took a private tour of the new Country Music Hall of Fame, which opens in downtown Nashville on May 17. “I remember when I first started coming here,” the Kentucky native said, referring to the museum’s original location on Music Row. “I was 15 years old and I’d just wander around, looking at everything. I’d come down with my cousin from back home, dreaming but never thinking that this is something I might really be a part of.” Loveless continued to visit the Hall of Fame after moving to Nashville and joining the Wilburn Brothers band. “Doyle Wilburn used to fix it up so we could come through for free. Just wandering around here, you realized how important this music was. It made you really proud to love it.” Mountain Soul, Loveless’ tribute to the music she grew up on, is due in stores June 26.