Womack Sets London on Fire

In the middle of a promotional tour of England, Lee Ann Womack is finding life in a foreign country a little explosive. The singer was having her hair done to appear on GMTV, a morning TV program, when her curling iron burst into flames after being plugged into an outlet through an international electrical adapter. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the jolt short-circuited computers in the wing near the dressing room. Later in the day, Womack was having her hair done to appear on Gloria Huniford’s Open House, an Oprah-like TV show, when she plugged in another appliance at the hotel and blew out all the lights on her floor. “At this point it stopped being funny,” Womack said through her publicist. “We were spooked.” Womack and her people were forced to go on a mad search for the proper electrical adapter before the show. Stateside, Womack is set to perform May 9 on the 36th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, where she is nominated in six categories.