Lonestar Incites a Ruckus

Lonestar are enjoying their first outing as an opening act on the George Strait Country Music Festival, but they’ve noticed a strange phenomenon during the power ballad “Amazed.” “So far, without fail, there has been a fight break out during our set at every single show,” frontman Richie McDonald tells country.com. “And it always seems like it happens during ’Amazed.'” Guitarist Michael Britt says it’s hard to keep the show going when the scuffles break out. “Of course, we’re seeing the fight from the stage, but when 20 or 30 security guards start running over there, 40,000 people start looking to see what’s going on. We’re up there playing, going ’Hello!'” The band gets a much different reaction from the crowd when they perform “I’m Already There,” the sentimental single from Lonestar’s new album, due in June. “I look out in the crowd when we’re doing that song and I see a lot of cell phones,” drummer Keech Rainwater says. “People actually pull out their phones to call their families during the show.”