Reba & Rosie’s LA Adventure

Songstress Reba McEntire became the first ever co-host of television’s popular The Rosie O’Donnell Show on February 16th. And if viewers thought Reba and Rosie were a hot couple of hosts, they don’t know the half of it. Behind the scenes, things were even hotter. During one of the segments, Reba asked Rosie to teach her how to flick one of her trademark Koosh’s into the studio audience. On camera, the lesson seemed to go very well. But what the TV viewing audience didn’t know is that Reba flicked a koosh into a very hot studio light, almost causing a fire and evacuation of the 700-member studio audience. Fortunately, the situation was quickly brought under control and in true showbiz fashion, the show went on.
“I guess I almost turned Rosie’s LA Adventure into even more of a blazing success than it already is,” laughed Reba after the taping. “Maybe, subconsciously, I was hoping George Clooney would have to come over from the ER set and check us for smoke inhalation.”

Reba’s own LA adventure will continue later this month when she begins work on her new movie project, the CBS-TV movie Forever and Always. The singer/actress will portray a coma victim who recovers two decades later to realize that she must take a brand new look at life. PLUS! Keep an ear open for a brand new duet to surface by Reba and tour-mates Brooks & Dunn. The song “If You See Him” is expected to be featured on both acts’ upcoming albums.