Wynette’s Death Questioned

No one wants to even think it, but based on the fact that the late Tammy Wynette’s three daughters want their mother’s body exhumed and autopsied, a question remains about the First Lady’s death. According to Nashville’s The Tennessean, the three daughters have written letters of request to Dr. Bruce Levy, Metro Nashville’s medical examiner. The task would hopefully prove if Wynette actually died of a blood clot, as reported by Wynette’s personal doctor on last April 6th after she was found dead in her Nashville home. Without an autopsy having ever been conducted, Dr. Wallis Marsh, Wynette’s physician, flew in from Pittsburgh and pronounced Wynette’s death due to a blood clot to the lungs. A decision-making meeting between Levy, the local district attorney general’s office and Wynette’s daughter Jackie Daly is slated to take place soon. The letters written by Wynette’s daughters reportedly discuss the singer’s relationship with her husband George Richey, the medication she was taking when she died and how details were handled on the day of her death. A former employee of the Nashville medical examiner’s office Chris Tassie, has also admitted to attempting to sell copies of the letters. Although Tassie claims he wasn’t the source, the letters did, however, find their way to the Globe tabloid recently.