Bound to Contract, Rimes Rages Against Father in Court

LeAnn Rimes broke into tears and said “I hate you” to her father on Friday (March 16) after a Nashville judge turned down her request to release her from a contract with Curb Records, reported The Tennessean. Her parents signed the contract on her behalf in 1995 when she was 12. Rimes, now 18, asked Davidson County Chancellor Irvin Kilcrease to set aside the order he signed in 1995 removing her minority status so she could enter into the long-term contract with Curb. The country star is suing her father in their home state of Texas over another issue, alleging he and former co-manager Lyle Walker have cheated her of $7 million in earnings. Her father, Wilbur Rimes, told the Nashville newspaper that he was “very hurt, but confused” by his daughter’s remarks to him on Friday because he had nothing do with that court case and had been there as “an observer.” The singer intends to appeal Kilcrease’s decision to a higher court. Rimes recently posted a letter to her fans on her Web site disavowing her new album, I Need You, claiming the record was made without her creative input.