Brooks Turned Down?

For a guy who can pack New York’s Central Park and even hook up with the San Diego Padres for spring training, it’s hard to believe Garth Brooks would be turned down. Actually, it’s Columbia TriStar Pictures that was turned down by the National Park Service to shoot the new movie 28 Days, a film starring both Brooks and actress Sandra Bullock. The shoot was to have taken place at a Virginia lodge, but the location request was refused due to the set construction possibly disrupting the park’s visitors. In the picture, Brooks is tapped to portray a baseball player who becomes involved with Bullock’s society columnist character. PLUS! Brooks continues to work on his May-release album, on which he provides the persona for “Chris Gaines,” the lead character of The Lamb, the feature film that Brooks is producing with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Edmonds’ wife Tracie. There’s still no word if Brooks will play the lead in the movie.