Lawrence Looking Ain’t Cooking

What country singer Tracy Lawrence describes as an innocent response to someone else’s wrong-doing is not necessarily setting comfortably with radio listeners in the Medford, Oregon area. In fact, an Oregon radio station recently pulled the singer’s new single, “While You Sleep,” after learning that 30-year-old Lawrence and 25-year-old band-mate Richard Toops watched a couple engaging in a violent sexual act and then fled from the scene when police arrived. Lawrence and his band were reportedly staying at a nearby hotel where he and Toops were walking when a man invited the two to watch he and his wife engage in the outside venture underneath a nearby bridge. After police rounded up the watch-and-runners Lawrence and Toops for questioning, they cited the wife for public indecency and let those who witnessed the act go. The station, which accused Tracy of a “moral lapse,” has reportedly put Lawrence’s music back in airplay rotation.