Shine On, Chicks, Shine On!

Don’t think the stylin’ Dixie Chicks won’t be stylin’ to the max when they show up for tonight’s Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. The Chicks went right to the best for their wardrobe suggestions and designs — Todd Oldham, who’s gained fame for working with flashy/sassy actress Fran Drescher from TV’s The Nanny. Oldham says to expect something “very hot.” Look out for coordinating black and metallic silver ensembles with a lot of safety pins and a bit of “bare” flash. Ooh lah lah! Plus! Chicks Turn Down VH-1 — After being approached by TV’s VH-1 about playing their video for “Wide Open Spaces,” they declined because they were asked to get rid of the fiddles in the song. “You might as well just edit out the banjo and the steel guitar and make it a whole new song,” they reportedly told the network.