Yearwood Sues Over ‘Duet’ Release

“Trisha Yearwood has filed a federal lawsuit asking that a demo recording she made over a decade ago be destroyed,” the Tennessean reports. The song, “Love What Ya Do to Me,” appears as a duet on an album by Michael J. Young, with Young’s newly added vocals. The lawsuit claims that Yearwood recorded the song, written by Young and Curtis Rucker, for producer Jeff Teague in 1990 when she worked as a demo singer in Nashville before becoming a star. Yearwood contends the recording was never meant for commercial release but was intended for use in pitching the song to other singers. She is seeking an unspecified amount of money in damages. MCA will release Yearwood’s next album on June 5. The singer is filming a music video in Spain for the untitled album’s first single, “I Would’ve Loved You Anyway.”